Group exhibition, “Transtemporal Materialities”, Noysky Gallery, with Detroit Stockholm Artist Collective, Los Angeles, California, 2023

The project is part of the ScandiLA exchange project, in collaboration with Noysky Projects and Gait projects.

“But meanwhile time flies; never to be regained”. Virgil, Roman poet 70BC- 19 BC.

Can we go back in time? What happens when we look closely into old photographs and try to understand, to reconstruct the puzzle? Is the child in the photograph a representation of the adult he/she/they will become one day?

And is that representation still valid in the context of transformation? Transformation/Transition/Becoming who you really are. Like traveling in time again, but this time not to the past, but rather to the future “you”. Daring to come out as the real you despite constraints, hate, judging. Surviving the others’ gaze.

My works also transform and make objects travel through time, and take upon themselves new representations and meanings. I use flowers because I can shape them into new forms. While for many, they represent “only” beauty – for me they hold many secrets and potential. Each flower is different but at the same time can be labeled and catalogued. Preserving them, “freezing” them in time, is part of the game. I play with them and create my own composition. My gaze. These flowers become something else, they experience transformation. Like us, flowers are labeled, put into categories.

kratom extract