Group exhibition, “Traces”, at Galleria 3H+K, Pori, Finland, 2024, with Frida Starvid, Malin Neuman, Eliska Kovacikova

In April 2024, Galleria 3H+K invited members & associates of Stockholm-based artist collective Detroit Stockholm to take part in an open call for a group exhibition in Pori. Detroit Stockholm is an artist-run studio collective and gallery for artists from various disciplines. Founded more than a decade ago, it is today run by its 23 members. In May 2024, Gallery 3H+K will be filled with works from four different artists: Frida Starvid, Malin Neuman, Eliska Kovacikova & Paula Elion. The exhibition called “Traces” explores all kinds of marks we leave behind in different forms and techniques. The exhibition asks questions on how our physical and mental presence in various places leaves lasting imprints on our mind? How do spaces become repositories of memories and emotions? How does our presence in certain places shape our experiences? The exhibition will be open 4th–26th May and the opening will be held on Friday 3rd May 2024.

For the Traces exhibition, Paula has created an installation consisting of different sun prints. Real plants were placed on photosensitive paper in the sun for twenty-four hours. This resulted in the creation of ethereal-looking imprints showing the outlines of the plants. Since there was no fixative used in the process, the works continue to transform through time, becoming lighter and less clear at times, like fading memories.

The exhibition has been supported by Svenska Kulturfonden i Björneborg and Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland.

Photos credit: Eliska Kovacikova

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