I know I come with a history attached to me. And it´s not a history you love.

Solo exhibition, Detroit Stockholm – Artist Run Collective – Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 2022
Photo credits: Felicia Gränd

This exhibition brings together selected paintings, photos, and archive material from the last few years of work of Argentinean-Israeli artist Paula Elion. The departing point for her first solo exhibition in Stockholm becomes notions of judgment and bias — frequent companions of someone who moves from place to place. Telling the story of her family in parallel with the controversial history of dissemination and establishment of the Prickly Pear plant (Opuntia ficus-indica) in the 20th century, Elion reveals the roots and layers of both personal and collective traumas through the prism of politicized territories, mixed identities, human destinies, victories, and defeats over natural resources.

Paula Elion (b.1973) is a visual artist currently based in Stockholm and a member of the Detroit artist-run collective. Paula has exhibited her works in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Belgrade, Mexico City, New York, Oslo, and other locations. Recipient of the Israeli Ministry of Culture award for independent artists.

The exhibition is supported by the Argentinean Embassy.

Curator: Sona Stepanyan

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