An Eternal Process

Solo exhibition, “An Eternal Process”, Centrifuge Konsthall C, Stockholm, Sweden, 2022
In my art, the process involved in the creation of a piece is as important as the result – maybe even more. The materials allow experimentation and surprises.  Almost like a game of trial and error, I paint on surfaces that reject and absorb, spontaneous and casual encounters that make the process exciting.

During my Centrifuge experience – and I deliberately call it “experience” instead of an “exhibition” – I will interact with the environment and materials. This show is not a show in the usual sense. Yes, I will be showing works I have created in recent years, but I will also provide a glimpse into my creative process. I will work on some installations while using the Centrifuge room at Konsthall C as source of inspiration. The long tall windows and high ceilings will provide the base for this new environment created with tinfoil paper, baking paper and more. The visitor will be able to witness the progress in situ, in real time. Come to Centrifuge in Konsthall C to be part of the conversation and interaction.

kratom extract