Paula Elion - Visual Artist


Exhibition at El Almacen de Fausto, Berlin, curator ' Julieta Palombi, April 2019

GlogauAIR 2019

Project developed during Berlin GlogauAIR residency program, summer 2019

In the Woods

Series - The woods are sometimes in the background and sometimes the protagonists

Your Body is a Battleground

Exhibition at Pristine Gallery, Mexico City, curator - Raul Zamudio, 2013.

Fun Fair

Exhibition at 4 Florentine Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator - Jennifer Bloch, 2018

Nisuy Kelim – Dry Run

Works that were presented at the “Nisuy Kelim Festival No.8”, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Arie Berkowitz, 2011.

kratom extract